Working Your Fitness Mission

Kickstarting Your Year Right: Working Your Fitness Mission

We're still in the early weeks of 2021, and beginning a health and fitness routine to set the tone for this year and beyond is still very much fitting. In fact, you can start an active lifestyle any time you want. It's the motivation and the consistency that really matter.

Now, to help you get off to a great start, it is crucial to have a game plan for your fitness mission. Here are the top things you should set your mind, heart, and body into to get things going in your journey to a healthier and stronger you.

Define Your Goals

  • This goes beyond looking at yourself in the mirror and checking out your body's problem areas that you want to 'fix.' This also covers, more importantly, your reason for your self-improvement project. Do you want to shed some pounds because you want to be fit and nimble enough for that job you're eyeing? 
  • Do you want to build up your stamina because you've just hit 40, and you want to feel like 25 for longer? Or perhaps you have always wanted to tone and strengthen your muscles so you can better take care of your little kids, whose level of energy often drains yours lately.
  • Carve your motivation in your heart or maintain a journal so that when the routine gets tough and you feel like giving up, you can draw fuel from it and remind yourself of your WHY. When you do, your mind and body get a much-needed push, again and again, whenever necessary.

Set a Schedule and Place

Fitness is about consistency. It is not about how intense you started but how steady and committed you are with making your routine a habit and a regular part of your life. Set a specific time, day, and place every week to do your training. You may start slow, say, twice a week, then up the ante and make it thrice or more. You may do light routines first on your first few days or weeks and then gradually add more powerful workouts to your regimen as your body adapts to the pace and intensity.

Do It Right

Workouts, especially intense routines, require proper execution. If you're ready to move up with your intensity level, you need to research or ask expert opinions on how specific exercises are correctly done. Lifting weights, complicated yoga poses, intense stretching must be done the right way to avoid injuries.

It is also essential that you properly gear up for your workout. Running shoes should be worn when you do your run or sprint to avoid sole injury or soreness. Your range of motion and stamina are also affected by what you wear, so make sure you wear comfortable, durable, and breathable workout clothes from your sports bra to your leggings.

Choose Healthy Eats and Habits

No matter how hard you exercise, your body won't benefit much if you live an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, it may even suffer from loss of nutrients as you sweat it out and fail to replenish your energy through a balanced diet. And if you have unhealthy habits like lack of sleep, eating junk, smoking, or excessive drinking, you may be jeopardizing your own fitness objective. Health and wellness is a lifestyle, not merely about losing weight or gaining muscles by spending hours at the gym. It is always best to combine your fitness routine with healthy habits to shape and strengthen your body.

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