About Us

At TeeStaples, it is our commitment to bring you high quality T-shirts and other products at reasonable prices. As leisure and casual apparel, the popularity of t-shirts is growing day by day. T-shirts are also in trend as they let you express your personality, often funnily and humorously. Today with the advancements in technology, high-quality t-shirts and clothing are available to the customer. We aim to align our collection, considering the dynamic nature of fashion trends demanding high-quality prints.

Many large online stores such as Teespring, TeePublic, and Redbuuble, to name a few, and other smaller ones, are present in the market, resulting in competitive and fair pricing and have given the customer numerous options to choose from. So, we have a fair and transparent pricing policy to provide you with maximum benefit.

Fabric is the most critical factor in producing any good t-shirt. Our t-shirts are not imported. Instead, they are printed on premier brands from the USA, like the best-selling Bella+Canvas, Gildan, or other such brands to give you maximum comfort and best fit. Not only t-shirts, but all our clothing is also from the USA. You may prefer cotton or linen t-shirts if you want them for everyday wear. However, t-shirts are also made of different materials such as lycra, polyester, rayon, and blends of two or three materials. T-shirts made from lycra and polyester are generally used for athletic apparel. Various need-based printing techniques are used to print t-shirts, such as Screen printing, DTG (Direct to Garment), Sublimation, Plastisol transfers.

I would like to invite you to join our team to create unique designs for our t-shirts. To encourage you, we will not look for your experience. If you have the creative talent, you are welcome to write to us through the Contact us form.

Finally, I want you to enjoy wearing our t-shirts and clothing.


Ashwyn At TeeStaples
CEO & Founder